Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm feeling fidgety

Do you ever get in a mood where you just want to change everything about your house? We don't plan on staying here for too much longer (hopefully)  so there is no sense in redecorating but I still have that itch.

I've been doing some online window shopping for the imaginary house in my head lol. Today I have been working on my imaginary kitchen. I've always been a fan of the drop leaf table. Have you done any shopping over at the CSN Stores? They have all kinds of items.

I was thinking this table would be great in a kitchen. You could put it right up against the wall in this position. Then you could pull it out and open up both leaves when you need something bigger. 


Barb said...

I mostly get the hungries....HA!!

Love the drop leaf, my son has two in his tiny apartment...hummmm


If you are really wanting to "move" things around you can come to my house and do it for me--and then I can stitch!!!!
Hugs, Di

Anonymous said...

I love drop leaf tables! Mine has a big heavy center leaf that I have to keep standing in my closet lol. It sure would be nice to have the table you have pictured here.