Friday, November 19, 2010

In the mail

I was very lucky and one a copy of the new 100 blocks book over at Antler Quilt Design. I bought the first volume and while there are 100 wonderful blocks not many of them called out to me. With volume 2 I found more than half of the blocks were ones that I wanted to make. This is a wonderful book to pick up if you have the opportunity.

I won this book on Sunday. Sent Doug my address on Monday. Received my book on Wednesday. Amazing!! It came right from QuiltMaker.

I also received this book last week. I ordered it from Amazon after seeing it on someone's blog. There are lots of fun and quick projects in this book. I really enjoy hand sewing and working with felt. I saw several patterns in here that I want to make. 


Amy said...

Congratulations on your wins! It is fun to receive those nice surprises.

pam said...

You got some winner mojo going for you lately??? Bravo you - another win!

I can see why you were smitten by the Falalala Felt. But keep that book away from me! I just found out today, I have too many ornaments to fit on my tree already. I must have gone a little crazy last year!