Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrift Shopping

After the doctor's on Monday I rewarded myself with a trip to the thrift store. I knew I wanted to pick up a couple golf clubs so I can test out my golf club cover pattern. The golf clubs were only $1 so I grabbed a wood and a putter. Good thing they were marked because I know almost nothing about golf. At this thrift store if you want to use a credit/debit card you need to purchase a minimum of $10. I did have some cash in my wallet but of course I wanted to wander around and see what else they had since I hadn't been there in awhile.

I like to browse the pillow case section. They call it pillowcase but what they put there are the covers you use to make throw pillows. I found the one realistic duck pillow case and then the 6 country duck covers in the lower left. The country duck covers are all double so there is 2 ducks on each. That gives me 12 ducks to make a quilt with.

I also picked up some fabric and a cute wooden reindeer. I found a knit stocking (commercially made because I can see where they cut off the tag inside) that I liked. I might use this as my stocking for the Stocking give away next month.

See those two scary pillows in the back? I think they are the kind that come with those scary looking couches from back in  my childhood. They look like they are in pretty good shape. I squeezed them and they felt new inside. What I plan on doing is removing the covers and make new fun, funky and bright covers for them. I have been wanting throw pillows for the couch but I always forget to look at pillow forms when I am out.

I bought all this for just over $15 I believe. Not too bad.


Katie :o) said...

What fun! We love browsing thrift stores. One near us has $1 a bag twice a year (when changing seasons.) I stuff a few bags with flannel shirts! I recently cut apart a bunch of blue/purple/green clothing to use for some christmas gifts. Planning to make some journal covers and little zip pouches. Of course, I'm a Bonnie Hunter fan :o)


I love to go to thrift stores--you just never know what one will find!!
Of course then one must find room for it when one gets home with ones treasures!!!!!
what was really scary is the count down on your side bar--you are joking when you say only 37 days--right???????
Hugs, Di & Miss Gracie