Monday, November 8, 2010

Oklahoma trip

We started out our day at 5:30 am at the Fort Myers International Airport. Since Robbie was feeling goofy

I decided to join in.

Rob isn't feeling very goofy this morning though.

This was the first time Robbie or I had flown anywhere. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but we got used to it pretty quickly.

I believe this was the view before we landed at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. I soon learned that I do not care for taking off or landing lol. Flying is definitely much faster than driving though.

We had a 3.5 hour layover in Dallas so we grabbed something to eat. We found a BBQ place and thought we would try it out. These two plates (mine and Robbie's) plus 2 drinks cost $14. Neither Robbie nor I finished our food because it was nasty. On our flight home we were told that Cousin's BBQ is the worst place to eat at the airport. Lesson learned. We ate Pizza Hut on the way home :)

Since the BBQ wasn't good Robbie and I decided to hit Natalie's Candy Store conveniently located at our gate. This was Robbie's first time trying Rock Candy. He had a hard time getting used to the string but he was happy to get a soda and some candy.

Of course getting up early and flying all day wears a little guy out. We grabbed some Wendy's for dinner and Robbie crashed right afterwards.

More tomorrow....


Barb said...

Texas has some of the best BBQ ever, sorry you happened on a bad place. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventure.


I love to fly--or at least I did!!!
never flew until I was 40 something--
but it is sooo beautiful up there!!
Am glad your flights where safe ones!!
Hugs, Di and Gracie