Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stocking Give Away Update and To Do List

The little guy over there on the right is telling me there are only 42 days left until Christmas. Yikes! Are you ready? Have you finished making all the gifts on your list?  I'm not stressing....yet. This year I decided to have some back up ideas in case I didn't finish (or start) the gifts on my list.

I need to make my stocking for the Stocking Give Away. Plus, I also need to do a little shopping to fill the stocking with goodies. The give away will run from December 1st - December 8th by popular vote.

I seem to have a long to do list that just keeps getting longer. I thought I would put my list here so I can keep myself accountable for actually checking things off. We'll see how well that works.

In no particular order:

- Make mug rug for swap  DONE
- Put back on felt Advent Calendar
- Make Hetty's row for the Row Robin DONE
- Make Barb's row for the Row Robin
- Make 3 crocheted Viking Hat golf club covers DONE
- Decide on a pattern and make blocks for 3 X 6 Bee
- Make stocking for give away
- Buy things to put in stocking for give away  DONE
- Write pattern for knit version of Viking hat
- Finish quilt for Great Niece
- Make another batch of hot cocoa for gift giving  DONE
- Buy coffee mugs to go with hot cocoa
- Cut 10" foundation squares for QOV string blocks   DONE
- Finish crocheted cupcake scarf  needs embellishments 
- Start and finish Jacob's quilt
- Start and finish Nathan's quilt
- Make November ornament for YOE swap  DONE
- Make December ornament for YOE swap
- Crochet 6 scarves  DONE
- Work on Robbie's afghan
- Wedding quilt for Chris and Carrie
- Thank you tote bag many hours are in a day? LOL


Tangos Treasures said...

Yikes that's some list!!

I got my stocking made! Yippiee

Maria said...

Oh you sure have a BIG to do list Robin.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow!! That is some list. But you can do it!! I am working on things for my stocking.


My stars and stockings girl!!!!
I best get this "O" thing finished so I can sew--need to do that stocking!!!!thanks for the reminder--just reminder me again real soon OK?????
Love all the pictures of Mandy's BIG day--so sorry she was soo sick--but she did keep going on -- good for her!!!
Hugs, Di

sunny said...

Do you plan on sleeping between now and Christmas? Maybe next year you should plan on joining the Early Bird Christmas Crafters. Good luck with your list! I need to get to work on my stocking, and buy some goodies to put in it.