Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In the mail this past week

I have heard so many good things about the warm companies warm and natural batting that I thought I should give it a shot. A "normal" person might have bought a small package of batting to see if they like it first. Not, I go ahead and order 40 yards of the stuff lol. I've heard too many good reviews and nothing bad so I felt safe making a big order. When hubby says get it, I don't hesitate...I get it!

I have several quilt tops that are waiting to be finished so this may go fast.

Hubby wants a Giants quilt so I ordered him some more Giants fabric. He wants the back to be Giants fleece but I haven't been able to locate any yet. When we weren't looking for it, we practically fell over the bolts. Now--nothing!
I also orderd some Halloween fabric while I was at it. I'm lovin' the black with green bats.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Robin, I wanted to say THANKS for the PIF gift I got in the mail yesterday! It is darling!
My daughter claims I can put our new family member, a toy poodle, in it. I don't think that will be its purpose, but I do love it! After I find the camera again, I'll be showing it in my blog!
Have you tried Hancock Fabrics for the Giants Fleece? I seem to remember them having it.


Hi Robin--I also ordered some battings to day--but I wasn;t that brave--besides I would have no place to put that "much"--I ordered some different kinds--some from the warm and natural line--there new ones to try and I only use cotton battings--so they are hard to find!! have wrestling with that little box of batting!!!!! hugs, just, Di

Patty said...


I have been looking at the Halloween block swap photos and found your blog. After reading about your batting purchase I was wondering just how much it cost to buy this 40 yard roll?

Your spider web blocks are too cute!