Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Fun

Hubby decided that he and the kids "needed" a new toy. Hubby and the boys headed out for a guy day out and ended up at the hobby shop. That's where they picked up their new toys. One for Daddy and one for the kids to share. I think Suzi loved the new cars as much as the kids did.
(we keep her leash on her in the backyard when she is running free so we have something to grab just in case because the front of the house is near a major road)

Suzi chased the car....

and chased the car some more...

until she looked like this:

A good time was had by everyone! Now whenever the kids bring out the cars, Suzi whines until they take her outside to play :) A much better workout for Suzi than a walk around the block. When we take her for a walk she is still hyper when we get home. This way she gets out all her energy and frustrations on something other than the kids.


iCandyPhoto said...

This is such a beautiful dog! She looks exhausting though lol :)
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