Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Justin's quilt top finished

I finished sewing Justin's quilt top. It was actually boring to sew. Very long seams. I didn't think I would ever get to the ends. Good thing there were only 5 rows to sew together. Of course it is always breezy when I want to take a quilt picture. When I want to work out in the breeze. Go figure! I had hubby snap the picture while my daughter and I held it up. I was trying to just let the bottom lay on the ground and just hold the top but every time I took a step back my daughter followed me. The hubby didn't zoom in at all. What can you expect from the help...especially when you don't pay them lol.

Here it is laying sloppily on his messy bed. Looks like it will fit nicely. Now to piece a back for it. I need to pull out the leftover fabric to see what kind of design I want to go with. Then on to quilting this bad boy! I'm planning on free motion quilting it on my little home machine. That should be an adventure lol. I'm sure there will be some aerobics and swearing involved!