Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stitch a Witch Table Topper quilt a-long

Don't think I posted this quilt a-long yet. Here is week one from Quilting Companions. This is the center where the 4 witches hat intertwine. I guess this is the snail's tail quilting block ?. Whatever it is called, it was fun and easy. Looks more complicated than it was. There was only one tricky spot. One of the seams was only half sewn. Then you finished it after you added another piece. I have never done a half sewn seam before. It took me 2 tries to get it right.

Here is week 2. This is where we appliques the hair on. The pattern called for needle turn applique or we could use whatever method we prefer. Since I don't do needle turn (nor do I have the patience for it right now) I went with raw edge applique. I just sewed around the edge about an 1/8th of inch in or so. This way the hair will fringe a bit. I'm planning on keeping this for my living room table. Maybe if there is a table topper on it the kids won't pile all their stuff on the table. Wishful thinking huh?


Shari said...

This looks like such a fun project - can't wait to see it finished!


It is looking good and cute too--keep on going it will come out great--i can tell--I just changed my blog background tonight and almost choose the one you have--have fun finishing the table topper and if it keeps one from putting everything on the table -- I will be making one--let us know???? Hugs, just, Di