Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping Day

We have had a chest freezer for about 7 years. I really didn't care for it. We picked it up used for $35 so I couldn't really complain. The motor area was always so hot. It was located in the front of the freezer so when you leaned up against it to reach something on the bottom, your legs would hit the hot spot. Not very good for the kids (or me). 
Hubby knew I have always wanted an upright freezer. Recently we had the opportunity to purchase a new freezer from Lowe's. I was hesitant to spend the money but Hubby wisely forced me too. I picked out the average size and priced upright so at least I saved a bit of money. When Lowe's delivered it they caused some damage to the handle and the sides of the freezer. The handle was bent in and left an opening where a finger could get caught. We could either keep the freezer and receive a $100 discount or return it for another one. Hubby always thinks about the safety of any upcoming Grandkids and didn't want any small fingers to get caught so we decided to get a new one. Of course they didn't have any more of that style. Hubby got a bit loud on the phone (very normal for him lol) and the manager ended up upgrading us to the bigger size! 

Now that we have this big ole thing it needs to be filled up! Hubby and I will be going to BJ's for a meat shopping spree! I love the idea of buying a month's worth of meat in one day. The only problem is when we get home, I will have to package all the meat up into meal size portions. This will take awhile. I like to make all our hamburger patties ahead of time. I make a few dozen patties and lay them out on cookie sheets. Then they go in the freezer. (the new bad boy has a flash freeze option too) Once they are frozen, I wrap them by twos in tin foil. We cook our patties while they are still frozen. It keeps flare ups on the grill to a minimum. Plus, if we ( I ) forget to take out dinner to thaw, we can always have burgers.
Hubby doesn't go out shopping with me often so I plan to make the most of it today. I'm dragging him to JoAnn's to pick out his fabric for the back of his Giant's quilt. He doesn't want a regular quilt with batting so I think I'm going to steer him towards a flannel backing. It will still be warm enough but not too warm. He doesn't like to have anything heavy on when he sleeps. 
If some other fabric happens to come home with me I can't be to blame. Hubby can't expect me to go to JoAnn's and not buy anything for me can he??? Actually, I need some green for the back of 2 baby quilts and I want/need to pick up some more pastel fabric to finish off the baby blocks quilt. It's surprising but Hubby actually likes to shop for fabric. He has a pretty good eye for novelty type fabric. 
I'm just waiting for sleepy head to wake up so we can get going. What are you doing today? I hope you can get out and enjoy some sunshine. We've been cloudy and rainy for a couple days because of the tropical weather coming through Florida lately.

(Sorry the pics are so dark. The light in the garage doesn't always work.)


Shari said...

A good freezer can really help you stay organised - and leave more time for sewing! Hope your day shopping went well... I do the same with my burgers here in oz... great for family bbq's...