Monday, September 14, 2009

shopping update

We managed to get lots of shopping done on Sunday. We filled the upright plus the two fridge freezers.  We did get a few fun treats but mostly lots of meat. It is so much cheaper here to buy in bulk from BJ's versus Walmart or Publix. I can get 3 times the amount of meat at BJ's than the other stores. I don't mind buying in bulk either. Just takes a few minutes to divide into meal size packets. My family LOVES the freezie pops that come in the plastic tube. At BJ's I can buy a box of 250 for just under $7.00. Our family of 5 usually goes through around a 100 in a week or so. 

My kids really, really, really, LOVES gummy bears too. 

Before BJ's we hit JoAnn's. Hubby picked out the blue fleece for the back of his Giant's quilt. I will work on that later in the week I think. The motorcross bikes and the dogs and fire hydrants were in the remnants bin. I like to grab these little bits for I spy type quilts. The dinosaurs looked like they would be great for some little guy quilts. The solids are for another quilt that's in progress. The green is for the back of the jungle quilts. Hubby picked that out for me and I really think he did a great job. The other piece is a Florida Santa piece. It has Santa in his Hawaiian type shirt and flamingos and other cute stuff. Hubby picked that out just as I was going to the cutting station. Don't know what I will make with it yet. I think there needs to at least be a purse made from it. Then maybe a stocking or two.

I also picked up some sewing machine needles, a new seam ripper, and another felt kit. I've seen this Santa in an airplane in catalogs but didn't want to spend the $25.00 for it. Clearance is right up my alley though :)  The thread is for the Giant's quilt.