Friday, May 21, 2010

Placemats for Tammy

My sister has a friend from way back when. I've recently been chatting with her on Facebook. She asked if I could make her a tablecloth for her table. Sure, of course, I would love to. Tammy wants a tablecloth made from a quilt top and a backing. No batting. Her kitchen is country.

I wanted to make a couple samples up for her so she could feel how the table cloth will be. I want her to realize that there are seams and to make sure that is OK. I made this candle mat. I know it doesn't match her kitchen but...

this is the back and will work beautifully (I think). I actually like the weight and feel of a table cloth like this. I might have to make one for my house. That is, if I ever have a dining room and table lol. We turned our dining room into a fourth bedroom.

I also made some placemats for her and the family. Her and her husband have twin girls and a boy. I think they are around 4 (girls) and 2 (boy). Maybe.

Hubby gets a simple patchwork in blues.

The little guy gets an I Spy strip placemat.

For the girls...

All the kids placemats are made with left over strings of novelty fabric and are made in the quilt as you go method.

This one I made for Tammy. I love this pattern for a table cloth. I hope Tammy chooses a design similar to this one. I think darker checks/plaids would work for her kitchen though. It's hard to tell since I have never been to Tammy's house because she is in another state. I might need to pick up some more of this fabric for a baby quilt.

They all have white binding and this country fabric for the back.  I love this fabric but do not know where it came from. I believe it was in a box of fabric that was given to me. I would love to pick up some more though.

All the placemats have cotton batting. I was thinking that while the kids are eating they could have the fun side up. Then if Tammy wants to leave them on the table, she can flip them over to the country side.