Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another DNP

When I saw this quilt over at Piece N Quilt   I knew I would be making one very soon. When I ordered my Schnibble pattern for October, I also picked up some Darla. This is such a cute line of fabric. I ordered both from Quilt Taffy. She has such wonderful service and the delivery is very fast. She has had the Schnibble pattern ready on the first both times now. I like that since I can not wait to get the pattern in my greedy little hand lol. Even though I may not start it right away. At least I know I have it when I am ready.

Hubby thinks it's alot of pink but I think it is perfect for a new baby. Most Moms like their little girls to be all wrapped up in pink. Once again I took the pic before ironing it perfectly flat and trimming it up. I like doing all that just before I sandwich it. It gets all folded up and added to the to be sandwiched pile so it gets a bit wrinkly anyways.  I think I will make one in blues next but first I should get some of the quilt tops turned into actual quilts first.


Natalia said...

Very cute! Thanks for using our tutorial! I love the pinks! When my daughter was little I always had her wrapped up in lots of pinks! :)

searchfamilies said...

Very nice & how can there be too much pink for a new baby girl lol
Hugs Janice

PJS said...

i love it, it's really great, not too pink at all!!


Never enough Pink--love it--hugs, Di