Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall table topper

This will be my fall table topper once it is sandwiched and quilted. These blocks are from a swap I did in one of my Yahoo groups that I haunt. I really need to remember to check the sizes of the swap blocks I receive. These were a bit off so my redish sashing is a bit off too. I didn't worry about taking it apart because I plan on having a stuffed turkey in the center of the table next month anyways.
Way, way back when I was in 5th grade (1980)  the whole class (including the boys) were taught to hand stitch a quilt block. If I remember correctly, the teacher was going to put them all together into a quilt for an ill teacher from our school. I have been browsing for a few weeks now to find the exact pattern we used. I wanted to start making my own hand sewn quilt blocks and I remember really liking the pattern we used. It's so hard to get the fuzzy picture out of my brain and onto paper to be able to search it out. I think the star in the lower left corner is the block we did. Only we used what I would consider 30's repro fabrics and each star pedal was one piece of fabric and did not have different tips like the one in my topper. Before I go on another search, does anyone know the name of this star block?  I would be very grateful for your help. I'm sure it is a very common block, but with all the different blocks out there...I could get lost and find too many new things to make in the process lol!

How is your holiday sewing going? Is your list getting smaller or bigger?


Carol said...

It looks like a pattern called Silk Stars which can be found in Grandma's Best Full Size Quilts. It's an applique version.
Quilters Cache has a modified 12" block version of it called Starflowers and a modified 61/2" paper pieced block called Star of the East.


Hi--I love your two quilts--both are bright and colorful and look soo cute and Falllish---
hugs, Di

searchfamilies said...

This is lovely well done
On my list well i still managing to keep to my challenge of 1 gift a week hoping to do more but at least i am managing it even if some is knitting
Hugs Janice

Shari said...

This looks like a Lemoyne Star variation to me. I hand piece these for accuracy and usually make them with just one fabric or sometimes with two. Haven't seen it with the tips a different colour but I like it.

How wonderful that you had a teacher who exposed you to quilting at such a young age...