Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

Since the big kids have graduated and lil man is homeschooled I didn't realize it was Columbus Day. No school and no mail today. I still get the "pleasure" of going to work though.

My 13 Days of Give A-Ways is winding down. Tomorrow will be the big quilt give a-way WooHoo!  I hope everyone has been having a good time and enjoying the prizes. Come back on the 20th to see if you are one of the 13 winners!

There is also a couple days left to join us in our sigornament swap.

Here is the block we will be making:

and what you might decide to use them for:

Could be a quilt, a wall hanging or a table topper. You could also just stuff them and make them into ornaments for your tree.



OH dear--I thought maybe the exchange was not a go-as nobody much was signing up--so I had removed the tag--but will put it back on--have also been on the other sites that are new to me and introduced my self--thanks for being patient with us!!! have a great day--hugs, Di


fORGOT to tell you what a pretty Halloweeny background==isn't changing them fun????
just me again--Di

searchfamilies said...

Certainly interesting way to use siggy blocks
Hugs Janice

Granny Lyn said...

this is hard for me to read on the purple,,,is every body that blind? or is it just me?

arlette said...

Ohhhh I like it!