Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Downy Quilt

Downy fabric softener is collecting quilts for kids in hospitals. They have a program Downy Touch of Comfort where they will send you the fabric for a quilt and then you put it all together and send it back. I signed up on Monday or Tuesday and by Thursday morning UPS was dropping a package at my door!

The package has a label, the directions, and the fabric for the front and the backing. You provide the  batting.They tell you that you can either use the pillowcase method or use the method where you use the backing and bring it towards the front for the binding. I plan on just using the traditional method of binding it. I will use something from my stash that matches.

The best part was that all the pieces are already cut for you! The four patches are done in a strip piece and the novelty squares were already cut to size. I have to say that whomever did the cutting did an excellent job on it! That made this a very relaxing quilt to make.

It is such an easy pattern that I had it sewn into a top before work at 5 pm! I love the fabrics they sent. Very kid friendly. Now just to get it quilted and bound. They allow 4-6 weeks to get it completed and I should be done well before that. They also ask that you send a second quilt that you made in the same box. That should be no problem, I have a few extras.

I really like this pattern. I'm sure I will "copy" it in the future.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thank you I went and signed up and will blog about it too!


WOW--talk about fast---you are the one who is fast--I will think about doing it--it's just that I have already gotten myself in "deep" here with so many things--but I suppose some of them might just have to wait--let you know soon---there is a surprise over on my post tonight--be sure to check it out!!!!
Hugs, Di

searchfamilies said...

How good it already cut so you can really get on with it & for a good cause
Hugs Janice

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Waht a great quilt. I love that fabric too! What a great charity. Jenn