Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Hubby and the kids carved a few pumpkins this year. The pumpkins were rather small this year. Very disappointing.

Here in Florida, pumpkins die real fast! We have been having record highs this month. It's been around 80 at night and close to 90 throughout the day. Makes trick or treating an adventure. When we look at costumes, how hot they might be is the first thing we think about.

This is Robbie's. This was the first year he was able and willing to carve it all himself. He also got to light it too. It's the little things like lighting his own pumpkin that makes him smile :)  When I first saw it lit up I thought it resembled Elmo lol.

Justin carved a heart for his girlfriend. Awww, young love.

Daddy had fun as usual carving his.

Mandy was the only one who used a stencil to carve hers.  We heard alot of mumbling while she was carving lol. It was worth the aggravation though. It came out great!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!


Granny Lyn said...

All your punkins look great! our punkins are out in the 30's weather up here in Michigan, so they are well refridgerated! and our first thought when we buy costumes is whether the kids can wear snowsuits underneath..."vive la difrance"

searchfamilies said...

Pumpkins looked great hope you had a good evening
Hugs Janice