Monday, October 19, 2009

I spy a Schnibble

I finished the quilt top for Octobers' Schnibble project. It still needs to be ironed and squared up.

I recently purchased a box of I spy fabric and decided it might look nice with this pattern.  This quilt gave me a bit of trouble. Lots of colors and squares to keep track of when cutting and piecing. I don't think it helped that my son (10) had a friend (11) sleep over and they were getting loud most of the day. I just couldn't concentrate. I probably should have left it for another day, but I really wanted to work on it.

For this one, I would sew a row together and then immediately sew it o the row before it. I was worried that I would get too confused when it came time to put it all together.

This is the Cindy Lou Who pattern. It really is an easy pattern. I just needed to actually concentrate on this one.


Laurie said...

I like it! The pattern pulls all the different fabric together nicely! Good job AND you finished way before the 31st! Congrats!

Sinta Renee said...

What a fun idea for your Schibbles pattern! I'm impressed... you got it done so fast!